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about me

hello, i'm keeley!

raised in iowa city, iowa, i have called madison, wisconsin home since 2012. i nearly put down roots out west, but my now husband, andrew, tugged on my heartstrings and my decision was made easy. i'm a newly stay-at-home parent (since COVID became a serious threat). i spend my days with our curious, spirited, engaged and playful 11 month-old, louis. the original impetus for the creation of this site is that it could serve as a creative outlet for me. in college, i studied the physical sciences but i have always had a love of writing. i enjoy the sense of calm it cultivates in me, how it transports me. i appreciate how it challenges me to use parts of my brain that (these days) often go underutilized. i particularly relish the opportunity to both learn about new topics and reflect on my experience of the world. i am a nurse by profession and i do hope to return to direct patient care. i am also a yoga teacher, and know i'll find my way back to teaching in time. for now, i spend my days seeing the world through my baby's eyes. this is for me to reconnect to all of the other facets of my identity (mother included). thank you for joining me.


welcome to meaning in the middle.

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